Cool Wraps Wholesale!

Vendor: Adam
Type: Cool Wrap
sold out!

This is for the purchase of wholesale priced wraps.

you must purchase at least 50 for wholesale.
you will receive an assortment of colors and patterns, whatever we have in stock.

Directions for the cool wraps:
Soak for at least four hours in cool water to allow inflation time. Once inflated, the wrap can be kept in the refrigerator NEVER FREEZER. You can reinflate your wrap with a soak in the water anytime it dehydrates. I personally can recommend a ziplock with water in a cooler for recharging it, they are wonderful on 90 degree days. You can store your wrap til next season by allowing to to dry over winter, or you can also heat it in the microwave and use it on tense sore muscles! They can also be laundered if they get dirty.

*When you get your wrap, you will doubt that there is anything in it, the crystals swell to 200 times their size, so it only takes a teaspoon of material.